The frieze centred with a horizontal oval panel inlaid, against a simulated porphyry background, with red figures depicting Daphne and Apollo; the whole set within a laurel crown and a thin red line border. This is suspended by a ribbon bow looped through the top and which in turn suspend garlands of ivy leaves hanging from two more bows to either side. The terminal blockings inlaid with a laurel sprig and an oak leaf and acorn branch crossed and tied together with a blue ribbon. The jambs headed by a blue ribbon from which hangs a long ribbon terminating in a bell flower. Overlaid on this are laurel and oak leaf branches which descend the whole of the jamb and which cross and re-cross each other to form six loops, knotted at the bottom with a ribbon. Within the fourth of these, and tied by a knot in the ribbon, is an upright oval panel. That to the left jamb depicts a muse which are ancient classical figures that personify knowledge and the arts, especially literature, dance and music. That to the right shows Melpomene the muse of tragedy with her short sword. The whole standing on foot blocks of conforming shape to the jambs and surmounted by a moulded shelf breakfront above the frieze blockings.


Internal opening - 46 x 44 in high (1168 x 1130 mm)


Dimensions CM Inches
Width: 1829 72
Depth: 18 7
Height: 178 57