Message of love

On a rectangular painted base, set on four ormolu feet, with an ormolu mounted yellow porcelain case, with white enamel dial signed by Lesieur à Paris. Above the case sits a stepped rectangular painted hood, with the figure of a woman in ormolu, representing Amor, receiving a message of love from a carrier pigeon.

Porcelain case

A very similar clock, with the same porcelain case, is illustrated in Encylopédie de La Pendule Francaise by Pierre Kjellberg. The illustrated clock has the same yellow porcelain which is signed “Manufacture du duc d’Angoulême”.  Illustration A. p. 341.


The Angoulême factory was started by the nephew of Louis XVI, being the oldest son of the Compte d’Artois. The factory was in production from 1781–1793.


Width: 31 12
Depth: 18 7
Height: 46 18