Exceptional Zodiac symbols

With exceptional dial with Zodiac symbols done in extraordinary detail framed by raised gilt decorative elements divided by a very small green enamel star. The movement with hands showing the time, the day of the month and the day of the week. The case flanked by two gilded bronze statuettes of nymphs in the taste of Etienne-Maurice Falconet. On a Spanish Broccatello base above a Carrara marble supported on six domed feet. Written on the back of the dial “Coteau f 

Xbre 1777 indicating that it was made in October 1777.

Joseph Coteau (Born 1740 – died 1801)

He is established as master of the Parisian Guild of enamellers in 1785. Although it is unusual  for the clock not to be signed by a Clock maker it is not unknown, as Jean-Dominique Augarde illustratetes in his book Les Ouvriers Du Temps on page 103 with an unsigned Skeleton clock also with enamel dials by Coteau.


Width: 41 16.25
Depth: 13 5.25
Height: 48 19