Duchesse de Montellano, Spain

By descent to

Marquis de Cubas, Spain

Jean Moisy (1714-1782)

He was one of the finest clockmakers in the 18th Century and only worked with the finest bronzier’s . Dominique Augarde in his book “Les Ouvriers du Temps”, 1996, p.378, quotes that “he was a companion to the best clockmakers in Paris where he became so skilled that he was preferred to all workmen for the clocks and watches for the Royal Household and the nobility of the court”. He made two clocks for Louis XV for the Chateau de Saint-Hubert and his works can be seen at the Louvre Museum, and the Petit Palais in Paris as well as the Wallace collection in London, Drumlanrig Castle in Scotland and the Boston Museum of Art in America.



Dimensions CM Inches
Width: 44 17.5
Depth: 16.5 6.5
Height: 88 33