Verre ÉGlomisÉ

The central oval glass is surmounted by four black and gold verre églomisé panels of leaves and flowers, surrounded by a cream and gold verre eéglomisé border of leaves and flowers. The central panel is flanked on the sides and the top by panels of glass surrounded by a border of cream and gold verre églomisé. The eagle cresting over the top panel with chains and balls coming from his beak, connected to urns on either side of the columns, dividing the central panel from the side panels. The urns sit on the top of the curved cornice which is decorated with balls.

Thomas Fentham

This mirror can securely be attributed to Thomas Fentham (1774-1825) carver, guilder, glass grinder and picture frame maker who occupied various addresses in the Strand. See reference Marked London Furniture 1700-1840 Pictorial Dictionary by Christopher Gilbert, p. 28 and illustrations nos. 336-348.


Width: 153 60
Depth: 11 4
Height: 142 56