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The Dictionary of English Furniture by Percy Macquoid & Ralph Edwards Page 216 Fig 43

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Daniel Marot ( 1662 – 1752)


Born in Paris in about 1662, the son of Jean Marot a well known architect and engraver. In his youth he worked with his father and gained quite a reputation as an engraver enjoying patronage from the crown. Marot was a Protestant and in 1684, the year before the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, sought refuge in Holland where almost immediately he entered the service of the Prince of Orange. In 1686 he is found at The Hague where he designed the Audience Chamber. He was appointed Master of the Works to the Prince and decorated the apartments at William’s new Het Loo Palace in 1692, in a taste appreciably influenced by Berain. Important as were his architectural labours, by his designs for interior decoration and furniture he achieved a wider fame. Marot styled himself “Architecte de Roy de la Grandes Bretagne” after the Accession of William III in 1689. Although William III was King of England until his death in 1702, Marot appears to have left England in 1698 and spent the last part of his long life in Holland, dying there in 1752. The arrival of William III to England brought many Hugenot craftsmen who introduced the fashion of making furniture in walnut rather than oak and producing finely carved furniture and intricate seaweed marquetry. Many features lead one to assume that they were made by Dutch trained craftsmen and a number of similar chairs, often in pairs can be seen in houses all over England. The finely carved design, the oak seat rails, the scrolled back legs, the dead-flat back and the numbering of chair parts are all indicative of 

Dutch trained craftsmen rather than local English craftsmen.


Notable examples are held in the Rijksmuseum, Victoria and Albert Museum, the Metropolitan Museum and Hampton Court.



Dimensions CM Inches
Width: 52 20
Depth: 51 20
Height: 123 48.5