Acquired from Jacques Seligmann, Paris via Rosenberg and Stiebel, New York, 1957.

Mrs Jayne Wrightsman



F.J.B. Watson, The Wrightsman Collection, vol. II, Greenwich, 1966, p. 302, no. 149.


Mathieu-Guillaume Cramer, maître in 1773.

The inventory of Mathieu William Cramer workshop, drawn up after the death of his wife in 1783, gives a picture of a relatively large production at the time, since it contained no less than five premises. It describes more than two hundred pieces of furniture, in varying degrees of finish. The accounts show that Cramer resold some of the furniture made by his colleagues, including R.V.L.C., Petit, Roussel, Topino, Vassou, Ancellet, Canabas, Dautriche and Feuerstein. He originally came from an area north of the Rhine and moved to Paris where he worked as a free worker in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, before being received in the Guild in 1771. A few years later, he acquired a workshop in the Rue du Bac and built up a business with private clients. In 1790 he was forced to close his business due to financial difficulties, even though he had a stock of merchandise with a value of 15,000 livres. He died in 1804. 



Dimensions CM Inches
Width: 129 51
Depth: 64 25
Height: 73.5 29