Console Desserte

Each D-shaped console desserte, inset with white statuary marble with a pierced ormolu gallery, above an ormolu ribbon border. The frieze and concave sides, with mahogany panels, set within an ormolu frame with a mahogany background. The panelled bowed central drawer, with original ormolu handles and eschutions, the sides open to reveal cavities, with identical handles and escutcheons. The console dessertes are supported on four inlaid fluted turned legs, headed by turned roundels and terminating in tapering toupee feet,  joined by two shelves, with pierced ormolu galleries.  

Stamped SCHEY on the underside of the right hand side of one of the consoles.

Fidelys Schey

He became a maître in 1777 and established a workshop in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine, where he was to remain until he died in 1788. His wife ran a shop near to his workshop so that customers could buy from him direct. His work is always of a very high standard and in 1786 he supplied some tables for playing games to the Royal Chateau of Fontainebleau.


Width: 98 39
Depth: 48 19
Height: 88 35