Magnificent ribbed bowl

Pink granite, two-piece, jardinière, comprising of a rectangular integrated plinth or base, ovoid foot and column, with separate ovoid body or bowl with pinched neck and rolled rim.  The body is finely carved in relief with ribbed details, and the whole is finely polished.

From a quarry between Brittany and Cherbourg in northern France.  The quarry was opened in 1729 and was producing material by 1731. By 1735 the quarry was extracting large blocks of granite suitable for architectural purposes. By 1790 the quarry attained a maximum feasible operating depth with the equipment and technology of the time, and had reached the boundaries of the land owned by the site operator. The site was closed and abandoned by the end of 1795.


Width: 27 69
Depth: 19 48
Height: 21 53