A Pair of Louis XVI Ormolu Mounted Campan Marble Vases


 A Pair of identical form and design but with different marbles are illustrated in The Wallace Collection Catalogue of Furniture Volume III No 289 Page 1394 and another identical but with additional feet is illustrated in Gilt Bronzes in the Louvre by Daniel Alcouf No 76 Page 153.


Campan Marble

From the first Century BC the Romans quarried this marble from the Campan Valley until it was closed in Medieval times before re opening in the 17th Century. Louis XIV during his reign reserved for his exclusive use all the production which was used extensively in the building of Versailles and other Royal Patronage. It continued to be used in the 18th and has been used for table tops as well as precious objects.


Dimensions CM Inches
Width: 30 12
Depth: 13 5
Height: 43 17