Feasting in the garden

The same border design is used on a set of three Soho bacchanalian panels from collection of Mrs Wrangham ( H C Marillier, English tapestries of the 18th Century, 1930 pl 10 )

The Soho Tapestry Makers

English tapestries of the eighteenth century are commonly known by the generic title of Soho tapestries, which reflects the fact that the most prominent makers lived and worked in Soho, or in areas adjacent to it. The history of tapestry weaving in this period is, however, obscure, and it is difficult to distinguish the products of the different workshops, because so many of the works are unsigned. During the eighteenth century the taste for tapestries gradually declined, but in the first half of the century most great houses still had pictorial hangings in at least one of their principal rooms. Although the majority of these tapestries were imported from Flanders and France, English manufacture was still fairly active, and by no means negligible in quality.


Width: 265 8 ft 8
Height: 527 17 ft 3