Oil on copper

The former signed 'F. C. Janneck' (lower right) The former bears inventory no. 'No: 8'; and the latter 'No:6' (each on reverse)

Given the inventory numbers on the reverse of these two copper panels, they may form part of a larger series of works from the Life of Christ. Two other pictures which may be part of this group were with the H. Barthy-Wehrenalp Gallery, Vienna, 1961. These two, also on copper, and depicting Christ healing the blind man and Christ healing the bleeding woman were of very similar dimensions to the present works.

F C Janneck

Having initially trained in Graz as a pupil of Matthias Vangus, Janneck established himself in Vienna in the 1730s - although he is known to have travelled elsewhere in Austria and southern Germany. Like his friend, Johann Georg Platzer, he painted cabinet pictures illustrating conversation scenes and religious, secular and mythological themes. In his style he fused elements derived partly from Watteau, partly from 17th century Netherlandish painting and partly from the Venetian 16th century tradition, reflecting the principal artistic enthusiasms of Austrian 18th century collectors, who greatly prized his works for their 'Dutch taste'.


Width: 42.5 17
Height: 32.4 13