Signed and dated lower right  Joh. Drechsler,f.1800

Canvas 53.5 x 40.5 in (136 x 102.5) cm

                                            Framed 61.5 x 47.75 in (156 x 121.5) cm



Sir Philip and Lady Harris

Partridge Fine Arts



Partridge Fine Arts Recent acquisitions 1998


Johann Baptist Drechsler

An outstanding artist of the Viennese school was the first to revive the art of flower painting in that city and he was responsible for founding the early Nineteenth Century Austrian school of flower painting. He began his career in 1772 painting designs for the Vienna Porcelain Factory. In 1787 he became Professor of porcelain design and twenty years later, by 1807, he had risen to become Director of the Vienna Academy. By this time he was well established as a highly successful flower painter with an international reputation.

Drechsler’s distinctive crisp palette immediately singles him out from his contemporary Dutch and Flemish artists who were working in the tradition of Van Huysum. His individual colours are brilliant and intense. His use of these vivid colours, particularly of shades of purple, red and blue, and the minute detail of his work, so clearly visible in this painting, is founded in his early training as a porcelain painter.

Dimensions CM Inches
Width: 102 40.5
Height: 136 53.5